20241205-07 Eng-

IX Annual Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation AT THE BORDER BETWEEN PSYCHIATRY AND NEUROLOGY


05-07 December



Provider of the Continuous Professional Development system

Organizers of the event

Clinic of child and adolescent psychiatry

NGO "Association of Child Psychiatry and Combined Specialties of Ukraine" ​

The conference is endorsed by:

State Institution ‘Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine’

State Institution ‘Institute for Healthcare of Children and Adolescents of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine’

Scientific and Research Institute for Mental Health of O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University

Danylo Halytsky
Lviv National Medical University.


Primary and secondary prophylaxis in psychiatry and neurology, prophylactic interventions in specific risk groups, and community level on macrosocial level, and early interventions.

Intersectoral interactions, co-ordination between teaching, psychological interventions, psychotherapy, medical, neurological and psychiatric care for children at community level and as part of specialized services.

Suicidal and self-damaging behavior in children and adolescents. Psychological interventions, psychotropic and neurotropic treatments based on evidence.

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders in children, adults, and the elderly. Issues of diagnosis, ICD11 and DSM5 diagnostic criteria, differential diagnosis of attention disorders associated with mental and neurological conditions, medical conditions caused by medications, comorbidity with bipolar disorder, autistic spectrum disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychoactive substance and alcohol abuse, as well as epilepsies. Evidence-based treatment for ADHD in children and adults. Psycho-social interventions and mental education, as well as drug therapy (psychostimulants, atomoxetine, alpha-agonists).

Depressive and anxiety disorders in neurological, psychiatric and general medical practice.

Psychiatric and neurological conditions and their management as seen through the prism of neurobiology and neuropsychology theories (nervous system development disorders, neuroinflammation, amygdala kindling, neurodegeneration and neuroplasticity concepts). Mental and neurological conditions associated with certain genetic polymorphism variants.

Mental and neurological disorders in adults and children, caused by acute reaction to stress. Disorders of mental state, adaptive behavior, and mental development in children, caused by trauma in combat areas, life in occupation, evacuation, destruction of parental support system, emotional deprivation and forced isolation, and acute grief from loss of close ones.

Stress-associated disorders in neurodevelopmental conditions (ADHD, ASD, epilepsies), and evidence-based treatments.

Epilepsy, chronic conditions associated with epilepsies, neurological conditions with epileptic fits or symptoms of mental conditions, epileptic encephalopathies, developmental encephalopathies, epileptic fits in mental conditions.

Психічне здоров’я українців та способи його підтримки. Модальності допомоги людям, що зазнали наслідків травм війни.

The following specialists are invited to participate in the conference:
pediatric psychiatry, pediatric neurology, psychiatry, neurology, psychotherapy, neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, medical genetics, medical psychology, healthcare management, pediatrics, forensic medicine, general practice and family medicine, internal medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation, psychology, as well as other specialists willing to extend their knowledge in psychiatry, pediatric psychiatry, neurology, and pediatric neurology.

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