Phlebotomy fees are charged for ALL OTHER DIAGNOSES. Abstract: Polycythemia vera (PV) is the most common Philadelphia chromosome–negative myeloproliferative neoplasm. Phlebotomy fees are WAIVED for ALL patients with confirmed Hereditary Hemochromatosis or for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Patient Information . Diagnosis Hemochromatosis, specify type: Hereditary Non-Hereditary Polycythemia due to Testosterone Therapy Polycythemia, Primary Polycythemia, Secondary Porphyria Cutanea Tarda But, getting regular draws can help. ‘Polycythemia’ is one of the more common conditions effectively treated using therapeutic phlebotomy. Porphyries. You can go to blood centers where they will accept blood from a PV patient for what is referred to as “therapeutic phlebotomy”. Thicker blood usually means you have too much blood in circulation. Name Sex Date of Birth Address Home Phone Alternate Phone . Therapeutic recommendations for polycythemia vera. Phlebotomy Secondary Polycythemia due to D75.1 Testosterone Replacement Therapy D75.1Secondary Polycythemia, other D45Polycythemia Vera Hereditary Hemochromatosis E83.110 E83.118Other Hemochromatosis Other (Include both ICD-10 Code and Diagnosis): Minimum Hematocrit for Phlebotomy As a Polycythemia Vera patient, you can not give blood to the Red Cross. Therapeutic Phlebotomy Service Availability ... Polycythemia. You will need to check with the respective blood center in your area. The reimbursement codes for therapeutic phlebotomy are CPT 39107, icd9 code 289.0. But, there is a specific purpose behind it. The treatment of hemochromatosis, polycythemia, and porphyrias. Before initiating the procedure, nurses must be aware of a patient s diagnosis, baseline hemoglobin, hematocrit, ferritin, and therapeutic end points. three most common reasons for therapeutic phlebotomy are: • Polycythemia (rubra) vera –to decrease red cell mass • Porphyria – to reduce clinical symptoms in patients with metabolic disorders of heme synthesis which may be associated with hepatosplenomegaly, photosensitivity, hyperpigmentation and distinct red colour in the urine This is an increase in the number of circulating red blood cells and total blood volume. Unfortunately, therapeutic phlebotomy can be a difficult option to get reimbursed or covered by insurance companies. ... An effective response is defined by control of the platelet count, a white cell count that normalizes, minimal use of phlebotomy, and, if present, resolution of splenomegaly after treatment with a maximum tolerated dose given up to 3 months. Where to go for Therapeutic Phlebotomy. High blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks can occur in left untreated. Diagnosis (PLEASE CHECK ONE) Primary polycythemia (Polycythemia vera, other rare genetic polycythemias) Reviewing these diagnoses will help nurses understand why phlebotomy is an important part of treatment. polycythemia vera, and secondary polycythemia. Treatment includes phlebotomy with the possible addition of myelosuppressive agents based on a risk-stratified approach. Therapeutic phlebotomy is a blood draw procedure usually prescribed by a physician as part of a treatment of various medical conditions associated with accumulation of excess iron in the body. Polycythemia is an excessive production of red blood cells. Whereas low-risk patients are treated with aspirin and phlebotomy, high-risk patients receive cytoreductive therapy, which most commonly consists of hydroxyurea in the United States. Therapeutic phlebotomy isn’t much different on the surface as getting blood drawn for any other reason. With polycythemia the blood becomes very viscous or "sticky," making it harder for the heart to pump. Useful For. ... Polycythemia vera – Increased bone marrow that can lead to higher blood viscosity. The blood center DOES NOT perform ferritin testing. ... Wasserman LR. Polycythemia vera can lead to fatal complications in some cases. Therapeutic Phlebotomy Order .

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