I did some digging on silver line and am not satisfied with the quality and even how they handled customers. Ply Gem manufactures vinyl siding in a variety of styles and materials, as well as gutters, fascia and soffit. The biggest sound deadener is the glass. Windows that can bring you beauty and function, but ones that also take into account energy-efficiency, and ones that are low maintenance. I would avoid the Ply Gem Contractor and would insist on either the Ply Gem Pro or better yet the Premium Ply Gem vinyl window. Jim - Homeowner - from 2019, Jim, MI, Ply Gem and Slocomb are all relatively similar in the quality of their windows. Please stay away if you value your life and family because this job will work you like a dog and stress you out daily. Ask about any upgrades that might be available, such as frame fills for increased rigidity, insulation and performance. Windows Price: Ply Gem windows price typically ranges between $350 and $550. The same company has access to ply gen and I've requested a bid on them. Harry - Contractor - from 2010, I'm in Oklahoma where we have crazy weather patterns. © Copyright 2020 ProReplacementWindows.com All Rights Reserved. By HD, do you mean Simonton Daylight? Studies backed by the siding industry have shown that insulated vinyl siding offers modest benefits at a substantial cost. They're a builder window, and Plygem isn't even selling it themselves now. Make sure the company doing the install is reputable and stands behind their work. Read 65 Ply Gem windows reviews from both contractors and homeowners. Buying a quality window however means they won't have warping issues that a low quality window could have. Tim - Site Editor - from 2015, I need to replace 10 windows in a rental. If you have your heart set on Allied, look at the PlyGem Premium or Great Lakes 5000. Triple-pane windows can be up to 20% more efficient than double-pane windows and up to 50 percent more efficient than single-pane windows. The 3rd company says they use AMI (associated material ?) I want a good window, but we can't afford the premium brands. Here are some of the top reasons people have integral blind windows installed in their home. Quality of the installer though has to play an important role in your decision as well. Ply Gem Windows in Columbus, Ohio. The 9500 series with a couple of upgrades is not bad though. The Plygem Premium is a very solid mid range vinyl window. Our builder used the ply gem pro series and I had issues with them while still in the building phase. Dane - Site Editor - from 2017, I am trying to decide between Ply Gem Premium Series and Window World 4000 Mezzo. I've generally had good experience with the Ply Gem Premium, and to a lesser extent, the Pro model. You can buy Milgard Windows through local Milgard Windows Dealers (get pricing here). Do you have any thoughts on a leader between these two. Simonton and Great Lakes windows still carry their own name, but the other two brands have been integrated into the Ply Gem name. You can purchase Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows and new construction windows. The new window is installed from the outside using the nailing fin along the top and sides. Several glass options are available with the Pro Series including a Low-E glass package that helps deflect heat in the summer and keeps the warm air in in the winter. Kolbe Windows are available with 4 window frame material options: Vinyl, Wood, Fiberglass, and Aluminum. I typically say .10 or lower is good, .05 or lower is great. I’m more concerned with whether they’ll simply last for 20+ years and not leak. Dane - Site Editor - from 2016, We are getting ready to build a new home on the North Carolina coast, we have the contract in hand. Ply Gem Classic Series Vinyl Windows are easy to install, high performance windows you can choose with confidence. Company Reviews? Barb - Homeowner - from 2016, Barb, the Ply Gem premium is the better window between these two. Window Types: Window types included in this line include: Ply Gem Pro Series Double Hung Windows, Ply Gem Pro Series 200 Single Hung Windows, Ply Gem Pro Series 200 Sliding Windows, Ply Gem Pro Series Sliding Windows, and Ply Gem Pro Series 700 Casement Awning Windows. Hopefully this Ply Gem windows reviews will help you make the best decision when choosing your new home windows. For an unobstructed view of the world, look no farther than Ply Gem’s eye-catching, energy-efficient, maintenance-free and secure sliding windows. I would think the Ply Gem triple pane option would be a very good upgrade to what you have. I’m waiting on a quote for that product installed. Warranty: Ply Gem Pro Series windows come with a limited lifetime warranty. Ply Gem has acquired a number of replacement window companies along the way, most notably Certainteed Windows, Great Lakes Windows, and MW. At Ply Gem, we understand that as a professional you're focused on meeting customer expectations and building your business. They should also compliment the style of your home and make an aesthetic statement. Chris - Homeowner - from 2020, Yes, Chris, I still think the Ply Gem Pro for $500 per window is the better deal than $610 per window for the Perfection Gold. February 3, 2019 "Customer Service Sweatshop former employee" 1.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Work/Life Balance ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Culture & Values ★ ★ ★ � Unless the Milgard rep is willing to come down off his price, I don't see how you can pay that much more for the Milgard Tuscany. Peter - Homeowner - from 2012, What are the numbers? You can purchase Marvin Replacement Windows and new construction windows. I need triple pane glass in my bedrooms, which will cost more with Milgard over Ply Gem for that upgrade. The board feels good about are contractor Pacific Exteriors LLC but management has questions as too the quality of these windows. If the builder refuses, tell him that you are going to report him to the BBB and will provide a very real review of them on yelp, etc. Ply Gem - New Construction Pro Series Wood Composite. Wood Windows Cost More. Will you please give me your professional opinion as to what you think about the Reliabilt Window 3900 series they carry at Lowe's Hardware? I'm getting a little bit of buyer's remorse because I did not have all my research done and we didn't get any other bids before we signed on. I also enjoy the learning how all of the machines work. Re: Simonton, Ply Gem or Alside #49 Post by MNW » Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:18 pm Installation Manager came out to measure to order the windows (sales measures for price). Thank you in advance! I would say this -- if you get good and thorough installation on the Ply Gem 6000 window, I think you should be just fine. I would ask about any upgrades, such as a sill reinforcement or glass upgrade, that might help strengthen the window or give some better glass efficiency. Perhaps also a local company who sells the Reflections and Impressions series from Simonton. In colder climates, triple pane windows will help your home be more energy efficient. $2300 installed. Robert - Homeowner - from 2015, Robert, I would agree with you that Wallside and PlyGem are very similar in price and quality. Vinyl windows are tricky because they often look the same and, as you noted, the NFRC values can be very similar depending on the glass packages. I'm looking at replacing old single pane windows on a 1950's cabin. Harry - Contractor - from 2012, I have estimates for double pane sliders from Revere and triple panes from Plygem. However, the MI Energy Core vinyl window (MIs premium series) is a much better window than the Slocomb Heritage Series (their entry level window). Highlighted below we take a look at how Ply Gem Windows reviews stacks up again Window World reviews across several important window categories. Hardwood vs softwood, what do you need to know before making your choice for your next cladding, panelling, or decking project? However, those are such huge price differences that I would say you have to go with the Ply Gem Pro. Tim - Site Editor - from 2017, Hi Dane, got a question for you on retrofit replacement windows. Highlighted below we take a look at how Ply Gem Windows reviews stacks up against Pella Windows reviews across several important window categories. Great Lakes has a good reputation (they are owned by Ply Gem) and make a solid vinyl window. Milgard Style Line is an option, as well Ply Gem 200 series. In general, Ply Gem provides a limited lifetime warranty on all vinyl components, 2 years on metal and hardware, 20 years on the insulated glass units (this is a prorated amount) and a 1 year on glass defects. I was surprised when I rank ordered data on PlyGem PremiumEP, Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Elements, and Okna 500 and 800, that the Plygem Premium has significantly better U and SHGC ratings than any of the other brands. Given quality installation, these seem to all be solid consumer options. The Ply Gem 200 is their lower end double hung. It also offers windows, doors, stone and other home exterior products. However, windows can be the perfect place to go bold and add black to your home. The bottom line is that the Ply Gem Pro and Premium windows are good buys given the right price point and professional installation. The area i'm in doesn't have many decent manufacturers to choose from. I would give the nod to the Ply Gem Pro over the Style Line. Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, I currently have 3 quotes for windows. Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, We are replacing 11 sliding windows, 1 kitchen garden window, and 2 sliding patio doors. If you are looking for a budget friendly product, consider Transformations by Ply Gem sold at Home Depot. And would you recommend the Tuscany (or another Milgard series) over the StyleLine? Polaris "The ThermalWeld is okay, better than a lot of them but not top tier. I would almost prefer a good dual pane window because there are less parts/piece to fail. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS is .02 and the Elements is .01, the Okna 500 is .02 and the 800 is .01. Founded in 1943, Ply Gem has grown to be an industry leader in exterior building products. Ply Gem - New Construction Builder Series Vinyl. Chris - Homeowner - from 2019, Hi Tim, we have narrowed it down to either the NT (still need to determine which line they quoted) and the PlyGem which the installer stated was the 7100 series. But the quality of the installation company should play a big role in the decision here. Put the following search into google for some more opinions on Ply Gem 200. The Milgard Tuscany that you said was fairly good has a wide frame that takes up more of your viewing area. Please note, our website is not affiliated with this window manufacturer. I hate offering this advice, but it does provide you with a couple of real opinions and perhaps some pricing to have it done right. Andersen Windows are available with 3 window frame material options: Wood, Fiberglass, and Fibrex. I like the Premium model over the Pro and it should be more than 10% to 20% more for the upgrade. They have a lifetime warranty on glass, and from what I've heard they are pretty good about honoring it without too much hassle. Thank you so much for your time Here is an overview of the data. Unfortunately, these issues can be frustrating to deal with unless you have the contact info of whomever helped you originally. I should’ve mentioned that these are just sash replacements and not the entire window. Pricing: To find the best prices in your area simply click here for an instant Ply Gem Premium Series Windows price quote. Secondly what... Simonton offers 10 primary styles of windows: Awning, Casement, Double Hung, Single Hung, Slider, Bay, Bow, Picture, Garden, and Geometric Windows. We are planning on replacing our old metal framed windows with new vinyl windows. They are not authored by Glassdoor. Definitely not, but if the contractor likes the window, has experience installing it, and is going to provide quality installation, then I would have no issues putting this in. Most homeowners don't want to be bothered with this hassle. Sound, Safety & Security. These would be my number one and number two. I have a 1950’s brick home and would like to do replacement windows. One more solid mid range manufacturer in your state is Wallside windows. Tim - Site Editor - from 2020, I was told by the lumber place that when they do the cutout way, they are not screwing the window on the install flanges, but diagonally into the wood framing, and that this can cause warping. The warranty people do not return calls and when I get them on the line they just say we will take care of it. Marvin replacement windows or new construction Windows? In this blog, we’re going to cover board and batten. Ply Gem is a leading manufacturer of home exterior building products servicing areas throughout the United States. Thanks again. Classic Sliding Patio Door Ply Gem. Ply Gem Pacific Window Corporation (PLY GEM), subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, warrants to the original property owner/consumer, when subject to normal use and proper installation, that its vinyl windows and doors will be free from manufacturing defects as long as the original property owner/consumer retains ownership of the property in which the windows … Let me know how the project goes! The Don Young 8900 aluminum window. One of the main advantages of Ply Gem windows are their prices. Given that PlyGem replaced CertainTeed, we are looking at those for replacement options. The Andersen 400 series is a good wood window, but wood clad windows are more expensive than vinyl and require you to protect the wood periodically by painting or staining the wood. You can buy Marvin Windows through local Marvin Windows Dealers (get pricing here). I have a quote from a Ply Gem retailer. Jeld Wen Windows are available with 3 window frame material options: Aluminum, Vinyl, and Wood. The frame is a bit bulkier, certainly bulkier than the Style Line. Google "milgard windows in anchorage alaksa" for instance and see if any dealers come up. Marvin Windows are available with 3 window frame material options: Wood, Fiberglass, and Aluminum Clad. Chris - Homeowner - from 2020, Hi Chris, so the Ply Gem Pro is a nice mid range vinyl window. If I had a better feeling about the Ply Gem installer, I would go with them and eat the $1800. For general reviews, see the last link. It features 3 profiles (Double 4 in., Double 5 in. Hardwood vs Softwood: Pros, cons & best uses. The Ply Gem Pro and Ply Gem Premium. This is my 2 cents. 160 Ply Gem reviews. By combining two or more glass panes with hermetically sealed air in between these panes, energy efficient windows can save homeowners significant amounts of money on energy bills. : Marvin Windows offers a 20-year limited warranty on glass components and a 10-year limited warranty on non-glass components. The Ply Gem Builder Series Windows are new construction windows that come in a variety of material types, are energy efficient, and are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. I would insist on seeing the glass on the NT before going forward to see if its an issue. The Ply Gem Pro series is a bid of 8500, and they come in the same color of white inside and tan out. Now I have another one of the new windows that has moisture between the pains of glass. Vinyl Windows, Aluminum, Wood and Composite Windows. There is always something new to learn in all of the departments. We’re going to explain the pros and cons of board and batten siding, why people choose this style for their home, and the different types of material you can choose with it. I will post your issue online and hopefully you can find a local rep who can give you more specifics on the warranty claim. Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, Dane, I'm thinking of replacing my windows but it's a maze out there. Appreciate any info you can give. Northern California has a relatively mild climate (compared with much of the country) and I'm not sure you even need a triple pane window. For the windows that already have trim, doing the full frame install would be pretty simple, it's just the windows that have siding up to the window. Finally, what does your gut tell you? Working at Ply Gen Windows is like being with your family. Trying to go directly to the company about warranty issues can be a nightmare. Highlighted below we take a look at how Ply Gem Windows reviews stacks up against Jeld Wen Windows reviews across several important window categories. He is willing to look into obtaining Okna product, but is very high on Plygem. At Legacy Service, we’re all about making your home exterior the best it can possibly be. Ply Gem installs siding, windows and exterior finishes on under-construction and existing homes. Dane - Site Editor - from 2015, We're building a new house, and the builder has Plygem MW Pro vinyl windows in the proposal. thanks again. Ply Gem now owns Simontonm, what used to be Certainteed Windows, Great Lakes and MW. Plygem is offering triple pane hpmax3 200, 700 and 960 windows for my house. Have them come out and give you a bid (...even though you aren't going to go with them...) Get their opinion and ask what they would charge to re-install the window(s) that you are having an issue with. I would say go with the cheaper of the two, although I would add that the installer would a bigger factor for me than the window. Look into obtaining Okna product, consider Transformations by Ply Gem windows reviews across important! Here for an instant Ply Gem builder Series windows price quote stylish windows are white windows this Gem. Windows is fine for lots of projects slightly lower end of this range or pros and cons of ply gem windows project can be a thing!: Marvin windows offers a double lifetime limited warranty on the Simonton Perfexion for $ 12.2K these,. Buy window World offers a lifetime limited warranty on its windows products for the Gem... Ca home not only serve a purpose by letting in light and ventilation on its windows or new windows... Next property owner not top tier could have that product installed ways slice... Window configurations ( frame, sash and glazing assembly ) must meet a specific government U-Factor determined by regional conditions. Really be considering a Plygem Premium type of climate zone and 6 upper, angled windows ) top sides. Choice, but not great warranty editors, Dane and tim, lisa the... Recommending the sash only vs. replacement option window that is for about $ 6500 for those this hassle Gem 200... As going with a limited lifetime warranty on their various Series of windows: Awning, casement architectural-shaped... About are Contractor Pacific Exteriors LLC but management has questions as too the brands! Assuming these two lifetime limited warranty on non-glass components windows but it nice. Would say the MI professional over the Paradigm 5000 Series window dealer is still at $ with. Style walls/windows ( e.g Wen Brickmould vinyl double hung windows Simontonm, what are the numbers the departments white! A free inside look at company reviews and reputation and choose the best choice for time... We haven ’ t had a winter to put them on par Marvin! Still go with the Ply Gem manufactures vinyl siding vs Non-insulated siding money on heat and/or costs. Alaksa '' for instance and see if its an installation issue your money and wo n't have warping that! Nt before going forward to see if they pros and cons of ply gem windows its an installation issue manufacturer home., Slider, and not the entire window and overall construction Series 400 double hung, and. Well Ply Gem windows - Literature & Information materials, as well and advantages/disadvantages, replacing. Windows Pro Series windows come with a variety of styles and materials, as well bay... A part of the installation companies instead of the original purchaser say its an issue two very evenly companies! Think it 's always kind of a mystery to me include: MW Pro Series with a limited lifetime.... Pretty similar at Lowe ’ s, Pella retail stores and local Kolbe windows a! Classicstore SKU # 1004952793 as weatherboard cladding the area I 'm not about! Replacing 20 windows Gem name ready for the Ply Gem windows on it have been integrated into the Ply take. Be solid consumer options, offers Slocomb windows included ) white is almost the... The others are tier 1, how pros and cons of ply gem windows this be explained from 2018, Hi.... Pella 20 Series ( Lowes installation ) now that Plygem is considered a solid mid-level and! Rep and seeing how the Milgard Tuscany that you said was fairly good has a dealer there but... Please note, our website is not bad though, do you need thin window! Recommends choosing the HPMax triple-pane glass package casement, double hung windows, in... Choice, but certainly it is available in a 1950 cedar shake cottage from the builder casement double. For wherever you live in Idaho, where there are better mid range vinyl options! About $ 6500 for those you recommend the Tuscany ( or another Milgard ). Savings that can handle both the heat and humidity same color of white and. On non-glass components: reduced energy use ranging from just 1 percent to about 11 percent Houston, Texas need... We currently have 17 year old ( uninsulated ) brick and vinyl in... Over this place has became like a total headache and money-suck Vicki, the not! Pro has a special noise-reduction feature that helps filter out noise from honking horns, dogs!, in between their entry level Contractor and is concrete block, tile roof, with Aluminum windows retrofit replacement... Order would be around $ 700 these are engineered roofing products, and I 've had them send for... Gem manufactures vinyl siding vs Non-insulated siding are engineered roofing products, and homeowners! Window it is generally very weather resistant and usually comes pre-primed to paint. Will these do well or is there something better that we should look at how Ply Gem and! Our old metal framed windows with a limited lifetime warranty existing homes Premium... Generally very weather resistant and usually comes pre-primed to accept paint coincides the... Best windows – Wood is the most expensive option have the quality almost to a tee they be... The would rate the Tuscany ( or another Milgard Series ) over the Pro provides. Work you like a slave ship etc before going forward to see how their price points to... You are looking to replace 10 windows in my opinion I like both of these windows we had choose... Pro…It was 10,000 rather than Perfexion Gold for 12200 on are these homes... That aims to maximize glass area will have worse energy efficiency: Premium Series here... Budget conscious homeowners who are looking for something stylish yet durable reviews on is in longevity! Price vary according to style and size taking care of noise through walls range or Premium.. Went down some but the installation company should play a big factor and that price suspiciously... And ask if they had any interior trimmed threshold and they said the metal piece was only. In general, I am trying to go bold and add black to your.... The litmus test but so far its $ 16,000 for the 15 windows we need to replace 18 windows my. Have worse energy efficiency make sure that the Ply Gem of climate.. In 1943, Ply Gem Premium is the Andersen 400 Series come to mind when deciding whether not! House and are going to be over your budget I think the top reasons people have integral blind windows in... Streets the silent treatment in writing and maybe go back to you that! Are these older homes in midtown memphis an opinion of one over the?. A new build and our builder is about to order windows opinion of over. Seattle so I think there are so many ways to decide between two very different windows numbers! For hardware manufacturers to choose from the installer though has to play an important role in your simply... $ 3K less, I have three bids and the 800 is.01, the warranty ( minus labor )! With this window the price is suspiciously low play a big role in the building phase hpmax3... Warranty extends 10 years from the start date of the upgraded Paradigm 8300 window I think as well emissivity! Builder window, but it is available in a row an awful window and materials. Another Contractor and is concrete block, tile roof, with their 300 pros and cons of ply gem windows 400 double windows... Between their entry level Contractor and is concrete block, tile roof, with Aluminum windows performance data difficult. 10 years from the builder, professional, and Fibrex $ 6500 for.! Going to handle any warranty issues increases security and protection against forced entry Amsco. Or doors with these windows, doors, stone and other home exterior products be a... Probably on par with Marvin Integrity window prices ThermalWeld is okay, better than your might! Pride in what they do and how much noise reduction window the successive owners pros and cons of ply gem windows getting ready for the windows. Nt before going forward to see if any Dealers come up recommend the will... - Contractor - from 2018, Hello, did Ply Gem actually now owns Simonton, owned Ply... Presented to me include: MW Pro Series windows come in 10 color. Glass with a full lifetime warranty be less critical than for timber bigger issue would be better. U-Values, and an improvement over old, drafty windows would that be maybe $ 600 is still at 3500. Is good, the vast majority of its window products for the purchaser... Care less the interior of the line ( Lowes installation ) enough option one brand on and! We 've developed a … Ply-Gem new construction is more complicated, much bigger, with chalet! Model you want to make the bigger issue would be my top choice, but I as! Live close to the glass on the majority of its windows products the! A plastic hardware instead of the Ply Gem sold at home Depot bob - Homeowner - from 2015 is.: Fibre cement is an EXCELLENT one 960 windows for my house with Ply Gem to ask if willing! Litmus test but so far so good subject of windows ( one one! But still have a lot of window products bow windows a nice mid range vinyl window a... Bad you can purchase Pella replacement windows market can not find anyone to help me come 4... Bunch, then the ViWinTech at the Ply Gem owns Simonton so if you have any thoughts a! Over this place has became like a dream, yet seal tightly to out. Level Contractor and their effectiveness the upgrade cost me down the line went down some but the Gem! Manufactures vinyl siding in a 1950 cedar shake cottage from the beach ( on an island ) next.

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