(Choose whatever fits the majority of your skills). If your main goal is to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecy, your choice races are the Imperial and Dark Elf, who excel all-around in the skills you'll need to cruise through the main quest in Morrowind. Since all the skills governing Willpower are present in the set, Willpower will not rise at +5 increments, but even a caster should prioritize Endurance over Will; +3 increments are quite likely and should be sufficient. Your Minor skills will start at a skill level of 15 + any applicable race and specialization bonuses and take more skill uses to raise than your Major skills – well, longer than major skills at the same level, at least. Dao Jones. Also, the Spear should let you raise Endurance pretty fast to get more hit points; if you choose the birthsign «The Lady», you could start with 75 Endurance (or even 85 as a Nord or Redguard) and hit 100 Endurance very early on. Character: Gender: Race: Birthsign: Supernatural: Specialization: Attributes. (If you are seen doing this, you will likely get a small fine – just a few gold pieces, so don’t worry.) A few Attributes may be less important to most classes. Yes, it can help you gather information more efficiently, but it it’s rarely going to save your life like Endurance, and there are other ways to achieve what Personality does. In fact, completing all of the quests of, say, the Imperial Legion actually takes skill in several more areas than just killing things. Personally, though, I find this unrealistic as well as taking some of the fun out of adventuring since it’s easier to just cheat merchants out of their daily gold supply and earn levels in Mercantile at the same time, rather than looting dungeons for valuables to sell. Analysis and advice: Athletics lets you run and swim faster, which is obviously very convenient. Since Speechcraft (just as with the traditional Thief) is only a Minor skill, you may also have to rely on bribery for information gathering early on; this should, however, raise the Speechcraft skill gradually so that you can use that more later on. This means that Sneak has been reduced to a Minor skill, however, so it is essential to supplement Sneak with Illusion spells and/or enchantments if he wants to steal or, especially, pickpocket without being caught – the latter may still prove difficult until he’s very high level, but then, that’s often the case anyway. 4. Before we start with the task I will discuss at greatest length, it should be emphasized that there are often more peaceful ways to solve problems in Morrowind, and that the best way out of trouble can sometimes be to sneak around it, or calm your enemies with magic, or simply flee using speed, teleportation or stealth. By Kylorp. The massive mod seeks to recreate all of Morrowind in Skyrim's engine while updating voices, music, textures, etc. 2. You can then – or alternatively – use Restoration or enchantments to Fortify Skill:Hand-to-Hand to finish knocking people out. You need to make sure you carry enough quality lockpicks and probes at all times, of course. More skill opens new opportunities, such as scoring critical hits, sneaking past enemies entirely, or stealing things when the guard or owner looks the other way. Maces and clubs are the one-handed blunt weapon variety, i.e the ones you can use while blocking with a shield; but most of these are inferior to one-handed swords in just about every way. Dao Jones: 64.4 kb: 1.1: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Enchantment Points FAQ (PC) May 11, 2005. While I have not been able to confirm this 100% in play, the mere possibility is just one other reason to give the skill a try. Morrowind Character Generator. You will probably find/be rewarded with a number of enchanted items in your adventuring. If this is not the way you want to play the game, consider this guide irrelevant – there’s no right or wrong way to play Morrowind, just the way that you, the player, find most enjoyable. For this reason, I strongly recommend you choose the following among your Major skills: Skill in an armor type is essential to get a decent Armor Class rating from wearing it. Alternatively, if you don’t worry about getting caught breaking the law, the boss of Ald-ruhn’s Fighters Guild keeps a set in a chest behind a lvl 80 locked door. Analysis and advice: With enough Security skill, you can use lockpicks to open any unscripted lock and probes to disarm any trap. In fact, a powerful «Jump» enchantment, combined perhaps with «Fortify Strength» and «Fortify Acrobatics», will let you move great distances at unrivalled speed, but a Constant Effect Slowfall enchantment (1 pt magnitude suffices) is also essential to avoid death from such super-jumping. Note, however, that this whole skill set is a very small step away from magic specialization and a magicka birthsign – there should be just about the same number of combat and magic skills here. I appreciate it! INT : 0. There are 10 races available to play in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Argonian, Khajiit, Redguard, Breton, Orc, Nord, and Imperial. So your problem when you get to that point will not be how to get money, but whether to sell loot at the merchants’ max gold although this is only a few percent of the item’s value, or be bothered to accept massive amounts of cheaper gear as payment for the stuff you sell, then wait 24 hours, sell some of the cheaper stuff, wait 24 hours, sell some more, wait 24 hours, and so on. If you still aren’t swayed, note that the single best magical cuirass in the game is of the Medium type. While it is possible to rely on potions and scrolls for all of this, constantly keeping track of your potion supply is a chore and you may need to return to an alchemist at very inconvenient moments.

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