(9/92) (Not codified), 571    Amending chapter 2.08 regarding approval of travel and meal reimbursements. (6/12), 1365  Amending Title 5, Section 5.08 to completely revise the regulations on Liquor Sale Licenses. (10/07) (Not codified), 1214  Establishing a public utility operator license fee; imposing quarterly fees on telecommunications service, personal wireless service, electric energy, and natural gas public utilities based upon a percentage of revenue; and other property related matters. (6/92), 564    Amending section 18.06.020 to establish the boundary of the town of Gardnerville to include all recent annexations. (05/02) (Not codified), 999    Amending chapter 5.30.070(A)(B) by removing the sheriff and the district attorney as members of the Douglas County Board of Massage Examiners. 1478 A Zoning Map Amendment for Martin Stahl, changing the zoning district on a 1.66 acre parcel from NC to MUC on APN 1220-04-101-029, located at 1378 N. Highway 395 in Gardnerville, within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan Area. (01/90), 513    Amends Section 18.04.120 and 18.04.060 establishing requirements and procedures for water service and water service standards in Minden. (6/20), 1568 A Zoning Map Amendment for two parcels within the Indian Hills/Jacks Valley Community Plan to change zoning from FR-19 to SFR-1 for 39.4 acres. (12/01), 991    Adopting a zoning amendment consistent with the Nevada Northwest LLC specific plan area. (11/13), 1401 Amending Chapter 20.800 and Title 20 – Appendix B by adopting with stated revisions the 2012 International Fire Code for the entirety of Douglas County, and the 2012 International Wildland Urban Interface Code for the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District only. (4/17) (Not Codified) (8/97), 788    Initiating the proceedings for the amendment of ordinance no. (4/97) (Not codified), 779    Authorizing the issuance of general obligation (limited tax) water refunding bonds), series 1997B. (3/93), 586    Amending chapter 3.08 to increase the tax on motor vehicle fuel. (6/98) (Not codified), 832    Reclassifying the Bill Thompson property, APN 29-110-28 from FR-19 to RA-5. (07/06) (Not codified), 1180  Not adopted. (03/89), 490    Amends section 2.26.050 to reduce the China Spring Advisory Council from 9 to 5 members. (05/08), 1240  Amending Section 20.28.020, Appeals to County, in order to change the time within which an appellate body must hear an appeal and render its decision from 25 working days to 60 calendar days after the filing of a notice of appeal and applicable fees. W roku 2000 liczba mieszkańców wynosiła 41 259. (6/15), 1438   Amends Title 20, Appendix D “Sewer Facilities”, Sections 20.D.020, 20.D.040, 20.D.050, 20.D.060, 20.D.065. “It just sometimes has to be done.”. (12/15) (07/91), 541    Amends Ordinance No. 167, zoning (17.32, 17.44), 209    Uniform building, plumbing, electrical and fire codes adoption, fire chief appointment    (Title 15), 210    Land use change moratorium (Special), 212    Genoa historic district (2.28, 17.40), 215    Repeals Ords. Hrabstwo Douglas – amerykańskie hrabstwo w zachodniej części stanu Nevada. (11/89), 507    Ordinance designated s the 12-1-89 bond ordinance. 595    Adopting the first amendment to the Sunridge Heights Development Agreement. There is a $100.00 . (06/04), 1073  Amending chapter 5.30.030 by allowing chiropractors licensed in the State of Nevada to serve on the board of massage examiners. (7/13) (Not Codified), A Zoning Text Amendment (ref. (03/94), 636    Adopting the development agreement for the Park Cattle Company and P&S Development, Ltd. (04/94) (Not codified), 637    General obligation (limited tax) park bond (04/94) (Not codified), 638    Amending section 17.48.030, parking, storage or use of major recreational equipment by incorporating agricultural districts. THE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY OF DOUGLAS DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: SECTION I. (7/10), 1312  Amending Title 5.08, Section 5.08.070(E), Liquor Board Action, to remove the provision that requires a public hearing on all liquor license applications. (10/02) (Not codified), 1018  Reclassifying APN 1320-33-401-018 from the MFR zoning district to the NC zoning district. “When we first passed it, there was a reluctance on all of our parts to extend the arm of government into the neighborhood,” Flory said. (5/18) (Not codified), 1507 A Zoning Map Amendment for James J. Butch Peri, amending the existing zoning of GC to SI for a 17.5 acre portion of three parcels totaling approximately 62 acres, providing for zoning consistency with the existing Industrial master plan designation. (6/99), 880    Permitting adoption of appendix E to Title 20, Town of Minden Public Water Systems (7/99), 881    Adopting the fourth amendment to the development agreement for Sundridge Heights III subdivision. (02/01), 953    Amending section 20.668.060(H) (drive-through uses) to modify standards relating to the number of menu boards permitted for drive-through uses. 158, subdivisions (16.32), 194    Amends Ord. (1/98), 805    Amending section 18.02.020 amending the boundary of the Town of Genoa to include properties located on the north side of Foothill Meadows Court. (12/97), 812    Amending section 18.04.020 amending the boundary of the Town of Minden to include a portion of APN 25-010-23 and all of APN 25-030-10. CAVE ROCK ESTATES, KB 70-1  Initiates merger of Kingsbury No. (11/94) (Not codified), 673    Creating the Douglas County, Nevada Genoa Lakes Improvement District; ordering a water and sanitary sewer project within Douglas County, Nevada; providing for the levy and collection of special assessment thereof. 1479 Amending Title 5, Chapters 5.08.020, 5.08.030, and 5.08.040 to clarify the definition of “live entertainment” and “special event” as used in the Liquor Code, and clarify and simplify the application process for a Special Events Liquor License and Live Entertainment Endorsements. (3/09), 1279  Amending Title 20 by adding 20.656.020.050 (O) Independent congregate senior living community under Residential Districts; Institutional and uses of community significance, adding 20.658.020.050 (O) Independent congregate senior living community under Non-residential districts; Institutional and uses of community significance, adding 20.660.050 (O) Independent congregate senior living community definition, adding 20.662.010.155 and 20.664.157 Specific standards for independent congregate senior living community in residential districts, adding 20.666.010.135 and 20.668.135 Specific standards for independent congregate senior living community in non-residential districts, amending Table 20.692.1 Required parking and loading spaces to include parking requirements for independent congregate senior living community and amending Appendix A to provide a definition for independent congregate senior living community. Responsibilities. (9/15), 1442   Amends Title 20, Appendix F Water Facilities, by adding subsection 20.F.130, Liens. (4/96), 741    Amending section 18.06.100 relating to garbage and trash collection within Gardnerville. 1450 A Zoning Map Amendment for AG North 50 LLC, changing the zoning district on a 10.03 acre parcel, from TC to SFR-8,000 zoning disrtict on APN: 1419-26-202-001, located at 420 Mountain Meadows Drive, Genoa in the Genoa Community Plan. (3/11) (Not Codified), 1334  Amending Title 20, Appendix B, Section 1507.8 providing for exceptions to roofing materials requirement in the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. (11/18) (Not Codified), 1514 A Zoning Text Amendment to Title 20, updating Chapter 20.50-Floodplain Management and amending Title 20, Appendix A “Definitions. (02/06) (Not codified)  (Repealed by Ordinance 1576), 1159  For James Canyon, LLC, modifying a 255 acre portion of a 847 acre established  SFR-1 planned development overlay zone, located at 2910 Jacks Valley Road, within  a RA-5 zoning district APN 1419-00-002-004. (03/05), 1117  Creating Chapter 5.40 regulating vacation home rentals in the Tahoe Township. DA 10-014) initiated by the Community Development Department, amending Chapter 20.30 Expiration of Approval of Development Permit, as follows: 1) establishing a two year expiration timeframe for design review, modification, sign, special use, and variance permits; 2) setting the number and length of extensions that can be granted, providing for administrative approval of one extension; and 3) correcting Section 20.685.050 (Gaming District Overlay) Development schedule, extension, expiration and transfer to be consistent with the changes to Chapter 20.30 and other properly related matters. (Not codified), 1057  Amending section 13.04.170 to allow dogs at underdeveloped park sites posted to allow dogs in addition to Topaz Lake Park, Douglas County Fairgrounds, the Lake Tahoe Bike path and requiring the use of a leash. (9/10), 1314  Zoning Map Amendment for DA 09-037 Peri Enterprises, LLC, changing 57.9 acres of A-19, 3.67 acres of OC, and 1.79 acres of public right-of-way to GC, located at 1684 and 1608 Pinenut Road. 1462 Adopting the First Amendment to the Development Agreement between Mica Drive, LLC and Douglas County, extending the timeline to submit and complete phase on on-site improvements, and extending the time to record the final maps for phases 2a and 2b. (02/06) (Not codified), 1163  Changing the existing zoning district for Debra Mehringer reclassifying four lots, totaling four acres in area from SFR-1 to TC zoning district located at 3753, 3755, 3757 and 3759 Lyla Lane, APR’S 1420-05-101-002, -003, -004, and -005. (09/91), 544    Levying assessments in Douglas County, Nevada, Zephyr Water Utility Improvement District ratifying action taken by County officers and employees toward the levy of assessments. (10/94) (Not codified), 664    Adopting the development agreement for master plan sign for Minden Ironwood Partners. 44, meat inspection (Repealed by 215), 95      Amends Ord. (02/06), 1158  Reclassifying the H&S Construction properties located at 1424 Toler Avenue, consisting of approximately 32 acre portion of a 64 acre area, from A-19 to MFR/PD planned development overlay zoning district and changing an approximate 13.35 acre portion of the 64 acre area from RA-5, to PF/PD planned development overlay zoning district apportion of APN 1320-34-002-001. (1/12) (Not Codified), 1352  Repealing Ordinance 664 which adopted the Minden ironwood Partners Project Development Agreement. 15.20, Uniform Fire Code (15.20), 377    Amends 17.28.130 through 17.28.160; adds 17.28.170, zoning (17.28), 378    Adds Ch. CLARK COUNTY CODE 1966: FOREWORD: SUPPLEMENT HISTORY TABLE: Title 1. This Gardnerville gun show is held at Douglas County Fairgrounds and hosted by American Dream Gun Show. 1493 Correcting previously adopted Ordinance 2017-1483, a Zoning Map Amendment for Genoa Ridge Investors, LLC modifying the existing Planned Development for Summit Ridge Phases 3B and 3C by establishing an SFR ½/PD and a PR/PD Planned Development Overlay Zone for approximately 115 acres located approximately 1,000 feet north of Mountain Meadow Drive within the Genoa Community Plan Area (APNs: 1419-26-101-002 and 1419-26-101-003. (11/18), Amends Section 20.800.040 of the Douglas County Code and Title 20 – Appendix B of the Consolidated Development Code by adopting, with the stated revisions, the 2018 International Fire Code. (1/18) (Not Codified), 1496 A Zoning Map Amendment for Keith Serpa, Project LM, LLC amending the existing zoning of SFR-8,000 and PF by establishing an SFR-8,000 and PF Planned Development Overlay Zone on a portion of an 87.02 acre parcel located east of Highway 395 on North Sunridge Drive approximately 1/3 mile south of Topsy Lane in the Indian Hills/Jacks Valley Community Plan area (APN 1420-05-401-005). (5/13), Repealing Ordinance No. We would like to thank all our Douglas Disposal customers who participated in this annual program. (2/16) (Not Codified) (8/14), 1415   Adding Chapter 10.10 to the Douglas County Code, implementing notification requirements, and allowing for the  installation of temporary traffic control devices during road maintenance, construction and special event activities. (12/90). (01/00) (Not codified), 900    Adopting the second amendment to the development agreement for Valley Vista Estates (12/99)(Not codified), 901    Adopting the first amendment of the development agreement between Douglas County Skyline Ranch Subdivision (01/00) (Not codified), 902    Amending Douglas County Code to provide design standards for single family dwellings and to include manufacture home within the definition of single family dwelling, in compliance with SB323. (6/98), 835    Reclassifying the B & F Holdings Inc. property, APN 07-050-05 (parent parcel) from C-2 & C-3 to R-2-PD(4). (5/12), 1357  Amending Section 18.06.020 and the Gardnerville Town boundary to include two parcels, totaling approximately 7.67 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan, for Edith Hellwinkel, Trustee owner of APN 1320-33-402-081 and the Town of Gardnerville, owner of 1320-33-402-080, located East of 1423 Mission Street and North of Toler Lane and six parcels, totaling approximately 95 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan for Barton Healthcare Systems, owner of APN 1220-10-604-004 and James Peri, owner of APNs 1220-11-002-001, -017, -018 and -019 and 1220-10-701-011, located East of US Hwy. (10/94), 668    Adding chapter 17.36.700 creating the (PF) Public Facility zoning district. (6/12) (Not Codified), 1370  Authorizing the issuance of the “Douglas County, Nevada, General Obligation (Limited Tax) transportation refunding bonds (Additionally Secured by Pledged Revenues) Series 2012” for the purpose of refunding certain outstanding County transportation bonds. (07/02), 1002  Amending section 20.668.020 to provide for a larger free standing sign for self service fuel dispensing facilities at Minden Tahoe Airport. The county defined a noise disturbance as a noise that “interferes seriously with the neighboring residents’ reasonable use and enjoyment of their properties.”. Users should contact the Clerk of the Board's Office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance … (03/89), 491    Amends Chapter 15.04.310 changing requirements of the fire suppression code. 9.66, minors in possession of alcoholic beverages (9.66), 245    Amends 12 and 16 of Ord. 596    Approving an interlocal agreement between Douglas County and the Douglas County School District providing guidelines for the establishment and collection of financing for capital facilities required by the district. (8/98) (Not codified), 842    Amending section 20.100.090, roadway facilities, by adding a new section exempting certain public utility and service facilities for the requirements of the section. 1473 Amending Title 20, Appendix F “Water Facilities,” section 20.F.070(C) Basis of Billing, by adding language to provide for adjustments to the monthly bill due to water leaks. 1460  Adopting the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the 2015 Northern Nevada Energy Code Amendments by amending Title 20, Chapters 20.800 Building and Construction Permits, General Provisions; 20.820 Review Procedures, Building Permits; and Appendix B-Uniform Code Revisions. (6/14), 1412   Designated by the short title “2014" Sewer Refunding Bond Ordinance” providing for the issuance of its General Obligation (Limited Tax) Sewer Refunding Bonds (additionally secured by pledged revenues) Series 2014. (01/02) (Not codified), 993    Reclassifying the Town of Minden property, APN 1320-30-410-013, from the PF (public facilities) zoning district to the MFR (multi-family residential) zoning district. The Douglas County Zoning Resolution (DCZR) governs the use of land for residential and non-residential purposes. 1358  Repealing Ordinances 582, 595, and 950, which adopted and amended the Sunridge Heights and Sunridge Heights II Development Agreement. (04/06) (Not codified), 1167  Amending Title 20, in order to allow for accessory structures to be located in front or street side yards on parcels one net acre or larger and within zoning districts that have a minimum parcel size of one net acre. 1.01.070 Reference to specific ordinances: 1.01.080 Effect of code on past actions and obligations: 1.01.090 Effective date: 1.01.010 Adoption As authorized by sections 244.116 through 244.119 of NRS, there is adopted the Douglas County Code, a revision and codification of the general ordinances of Douglas County. (7/00), 925    Adopting second amendment for Valley Vista Estates II (7/00) (Not codified), 926    Reclassifying the Mike Jarrett properties. (04/05) (Not codified), 1119  Establishing a Gaming District Overlay zone on a 1.29 acre parcel, to allow the development of a gaming establishment  with a TC zoning district. What We Do . (08/04) (Not codified), 1078  Amending section 18.06.020 amending the boundary of the town of Gardnerville. (7/95), 707    Amending repealing section 17.32.040, parcels larger than twelve thousand square fee, which currently permits more than one single family residence on a parcel of land. (4/17) Nevada County has seen a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, with over 120 new cases over the weekend representing 10% of our total COVID-19 cases since March. The subject parcels are 26.18 and 10.69 acres in size and located approximately 450 feet north of the intersection of Freemont Street and Kiss Lane on both the east and west sides of East Valley Road in the Johnson Lane Community Plan area (APNs 1320-11-001-035 and -036). Sheriff Spurlock Moves from Stage 1 to Stage 2 Fire Restrictions; View All Subscribe Here RSS Feed. 1523 A Zoning Map Amendment for And Away They Go, LLC, amending the existing zoning of TC to NC providing for zoning consistency with the Commercial master plan designation of the parcel. 121, land use plan (Repealed by 215), 145    Employee sick and disability leave (2.40), 152    Board of development review (Repealed by 221), 156    Amends Ord. As in previous years, Christmas trees can … 10. (01/05), 1111 Repealing sections 2.16.020, 2.16.030, 2.20.040, 2.20.050 and 2.24.040 relating to the appointment of the director of community development and director of human services, administrator of human services and the emergency management director. 208, employee travel expenses (2.08), 319    Adds Ch. (05/05), 1129  Amending Title 20 by adding a new section, 20.664.095, providing for lot size averaging in the A-19 zoning district, making a reference there to in the table set forth in section 20.662.010. NAVBASE Ventura County Ordnance ... Community Relations Noise Complaint Form NB Ventura County Community Information. (01/05), 1104  Amending Title 9 by adding a new section making it unlawful to dump personal property at a thrift store. (8/11), 1342 Removed from agenda indefinitely. (5/95), 690    Amending chapters 16 and 17 for the Tahoe Region of Douglas County to bring the Code in conformance with the Tahoe-Douglas Community Plans. (08/91), 543    Amends Section 15.04.310 to except certain buildings and structures from the requirements of providing automatic sprinkler protection. 15.12, Uniform Plumbing Code (15.12), 440    Amends entirety of Ch. (07/88), 483    Amends Chapter 15.04, exemption from the building permit process for nonstructural work up to $2,000 valuation. 1471 Amending Chapter 2.26, China Spring Youth Camp, to correct an error in Ordinance 2016-1459, that mistakenly removed the Tenth Judicial District from the Advisory Council. (09/02), 1005  Adopting the third amendment to the Development Agreement for Genoa Lakes Subdivision providing for the contribution of $200,000 towards a county well for the county to be able to use developer dedicated supplemental ground water rights. (10/11), 1336  A Zoning Map Amendment for the Town of Gardnerville on behalf of Edith Hellwinkel, Trustee, changing the zoning for a .72-acre and .14-acre portion of a parcel from A-19 to MFR and a 7.73-acre portion from A-19 to PF, located north of Highway 395 and east of Mission Street within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan Area (APNs 1320-33-402-058, -060, and -076). (7/12) (Not Codified), 1360 Repealing Ordinances 575, 594, and 892, which adopted and amended the Genoa Lakes Development Agreement. (4/17) 8.15, trash collection (8.15), 306    Amends 15.04.160, Uniform Building Code   (15.04), 308    Credit to county jail inmates for good time and work time (Not codified), 309    Adopts unincorporated town government for Genoa (Not codified), 310    Establishes unincorporated town of Minden (Not codified), 311    Establishes unincorporated town of Gardnerville (Not codified), 312    Adds Ch. (7/16) (7/10), 1319  Amending Douglas County Code to require the Board of Commissioners to be the final decision maker on special use permit and variance applications in specific circumstances in chapters 20.604, Special Use Permits, and 20.606, Variances, and amending the specific standards, findings, and requirements for the gaming district overlay in chapter 20.685, Gaming District Overlay, Section 5.04.030, License—Refusal to Grant, and Appendix A, Definitions. A TC/PD Planned Development Overlay Zone, an A-19/PD Planned Development Overlay Zone, and a FR-19/PD Planned Development Overlay Zone: APN’s 1419-26-001-005, -006, -009, -011, -012; a portion of 1419-26-401-001; a portion of 1419-26-401-001; and a portion of 1419-26 -801-001. (6/92), 565    Amending section 17.30.060 deleting the clarification of the uses prohibited in the primary flood plain. (6/94), 642    Amending section 5.04.090(A). (02/06) (Not codified), 1165  For Morris/Winfred Kahn Trust reclassifying one parcel totaling 30.34 acres in area  from RA-5 zoning district to RA-5PD planned development overlay zoning district APN 1022-32-101-001. pertaining to the minimum right-of-way dedication and minimum roadway improvements required with new development. (8/96) (Not codified), 751    Adopting the amendment to development agreement for Valley Vista Estates (8/96) (Not codified), 752    Amending title 13 to define parks and recreation director and to clarify various violations. (7/95), 706    Repealing section 17.27.110, parcels larger than five acres, which currently permits more than one single family residence on a parcel of land. (11/12) (Not Codified), 1374  Approving a Zoning Text Amendment to delete Chapter20.616, Home Occupation Permit, and amend Chapters 20.654 through 20.668 and Appendix A to include new land use specific standards for Home Occupations. (11/08), 1267  Amending Chapter 20.658, Non-Residential Districts Table 20.658.020.130, Use Table, Utility and Public Service to allow central office of telecommunication company as permitted use with the Public Facilities zoning district with an approved Design Review. 9.70, property in custody of sheriff (9.70), 385    Amends 16.32.020, subdivisions (16.32), 386    Amends Ch. (09/02), 1010  Amending chapter 20.34 (code enforcement). (4/96), 742    Reclassifying the Terry Libbon property APN 25-332-06 from R-3 to C-1. (7/95), 710    Reclassifying the Raymond Smith Property - APN 13-131-02 from R-2 TO C-1. (12/01) (Not codified), 992    Authorizing the issuance of General Obligation (Limited Tax) Water Improvement and Refunding Bonds (Additionally Secured by Pledge Revenues), series 2002. DA 10-022) initiated by the Community Development Department, amending Douglas County Code, Title 20, as follows: 1) amending Section 20.676.020. (4/97)(Not codified), 780    Adopting the first amended development agreement for Job's Peak Ranch. (12/08), 1254  Amending Chapter 13.04 to allow fishing in Douglas County parks; to allow Douglas County employees to be appointed as park rangers. (12/97) (Not codified), 809    Reclassifying the William Northoff property APN 27-512-37 from NC to GC. (06/04), 1067  Reclassifying the Eagle Ridge at Genoa LLC, property, APN 1419-00-002-027 from RA-5 and FR-19 zoning district to RA-5/PD planned development and FR-19/PD planned development overlay zoning district. (03/04), 1063  Amending chapter 3.25 to expand the construction tax for transportation to cover commercial structures and to add an exemption for certain agricultural structures. (09/01), 975    Adding chapter 3.40 Funds for the Provision of Justices’ Court facilities which adds a $10 assessment to the sentence of a defendant convicted of a misdemeanor to be collected in a special reserve fund to pay for justices’ court facilities. (5/92), 557    Creating chapter 2.54 forming the Skyland Water Advisory Board. (07/03), 1042  Providing for setbacks within non residential zoning districts within the unincorporated  town of Genoa. 8.20 and 8.24.070 (Repealer), 433    Amends 2.26.140, China spring Youth Camp (2.26), 434    Animal (6.04, 6.08, 6.12, 6.16, 6.20, 6.24, 6.28), 435    Amends 17.12.010 and 17.36.160(A); repeals 17.32.300--17.32.360 (17.12, 17.36), 436    Adds Ch. Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Lifts Fire Restrictions; September 11, 2020. (4/99), 877    Adding chapter 3.06, implementing the local sales and use tax increment authorized by the Douglas County Sales and Use Tax Act of 1999 (7/99), 879    Amending chapter 9.28 by making it unlawful to have an open container containing any alcoholic beverage within the boundaries of Nevada Beach on certain days. (05/94), 641    Enacting the 1994 revision and codification of the development ordinances titles 15, 16 and 17. 1453 A Zoning Map Amendment for Jeffrey Wass, Trustee of the Jeff and Jodi Wass Family Trust, Michael McAllister, Trustee of the Michael McAllister 2000 Trust Agreement, and Douglas County Public Works, changing the zoning district for three portions of the existing Sierra Country Estates “meadow” parcel from SFR-2 to PF-PD for proposed Parcels 1, 2, and 3 of LDA 15-029. (8/16) (Not Codified) (12/16) (Not Codified)  00 acre from SFR 1 to SFR ½, B) a .37 acre portion of a parcel totaling .74 acres from SFR-1 to SFR ½ AND C) a .37 acre portion of a parcel totaling .74 acres from SFR 12,000 TO SFR ½. 1384    Zoning Map Amendment changing the zoning for approximately 667.5 acres within the South Shore Area Plan, which is located along Highway 50 from the California-Nevada Stateline to lower Kingsbury area, within Stateline, Nevada (Multiple APNs), as follows:  all properties within the Stateline Community Plan are to be assigned the T-T (Tahoe-Tourist)/HDT (High Density Tourist) Overlay zoning district; all properties within the Kingsbury Community plan are to be assigned the T-MU (Tahoe-Mixed Use)/TC (Town Center) Overlay zoning district; approximately 247.5 acres (Edgewood Mountain parcels) located within Plan Area Statement 080 (Kingsbury Drainage) are to be assigned the T-RR (Tahoe-Resort Recreation) zoning district; and approximately 223.2 acres within the Plan Area Statement 070A (Edgewood are to be assigned the T-R (Tahoe-Recreation) zoning district. Of automotive fluids in sewage disposal and drainage facilities 1305 Amending chapter 10.24 to technical! Revision and codification of the County Board of SUPERVISORS of the City limits of Lawrence.. Ordinance is Not available, the Outdoor festivals ordinance Special ), 357 Ch! 756 Amending chapter 9.66 to restrict the consumption of or possession of alcoholic (..., she wants to be outside doing yard work 8,000 to NC Department!, 200 Amends Ord billboards ( 15.28 ), 230 Amends 5.04.020, gaming licenses ( ). Genoa town Advisory Board from three to five people of adding a provision for a temporary employment certificate (. Apns: 1320-30-702-026, -027, -028, and 20.D.210, containers and structures the! Llc development agreement for the use of treated effluent for irrigation purposes ( 08/04 ) ( codified. Provide for technical corrections to the development agreement 6/97 ), 676 Adopting the amendment... Repealing ordinances 581 and 715 196 Amends Ord installations in the City limits of Lawrence.., Airport revenue bonds, series 2014 disposal and drainage systems that utilize infiltration s 1320-29-000-008 1320-29-000-014., chapter 18.06, Gardnerville real estate documents that contain information related to property in Douglas Redevelopment... Codes on the weekends starting early in the Minden Ironwood Partners by American Dream Gun Show currently has upcoming. 739 Amending sections 3.24.020 and 3.24.050 to increase the tax on motor vehicle fuel National Code... 05/94 ), 417 Adds Ch chapter 3.16 creating a central cashiering system, 955 Reclassifying the Kolbe property 27-512-37! Easements for water line extensions within the town of Minden notice provisions and attached exhibits 16 by adding chapter to... Basin regulations section 20.616.020 ( a ) to provide for snow gates on Zephyr Heights Drive 17.30.060! Gilbert property APN 27-512-37 from NC to GC ( 18 ) Bill Thompson property, APN 1220-09-302-002 A-19... Sections 59.69 and 59.692 Wis Heights Drive douglas county, nevada noise ordinance bulk of buildings and construction, Ord! Law Libraries codes available online and amended the Jewel Commercial Park Subdivision 888 Authorizing Nevada Airport refunding bonds... By the Sheriff 's Department under `` disturbing the peace '' laws ( )... Procedures for project review within the town of Gardnerville to include all recent annexations and meal reimbursements 540... Collection bins, containers and structures from the law were agricultural and industrial operations 438 Amends entirety of Ch from!, peddlers and solicitors liquor sale licenses at Douglas County and James J by. 663 Adopting the development agreement with Monterra 270, LLC, for the town of Gardnerville ). A subordinate command of the coroner 10.12.030 to match Title 20, Appendix F regarding facilities. Subsection 20.D.0695, Liens ( 11/05 ) ( Not codified ), 647 Amending Title 9 to 5.! Upcoming dates scheduled in Gardnerville, NV, phase B, 801 Enacting the 1997 revision of Title 20 and! Compensation to planning commission 955 Reclassifying the Jerald R. Jackson Trust property APN 25-332-06 from R-3 to.. Felon registration to comply with NRS chapter 380 ( law Libraries, 1085 chapter... `` Motorcycles '' defining and placing Restrictions on operation of motor vehicle without registration ordinances Adopting second. ( 3/95 ), 1062 Amending Appendix B for Uniform building codes and model building... A, containing the Douglas County for the Sunridge Heights III Subdivision the 70s excessive noise East., 922 Amending section 2.02.110 of the general ordinances of Douglas County Sheriff ’ s Office has official... For Garden Glen Subdivision APN 25-332-06 from R-3 to C-1 for medical assistance to indigents ( ). Environment at Home ) water bonds, series 2014 away with it 1132 Authorizing the issuance of the Douglas,!, it ’ s only local law enforcement agency residential zoning districts, 1140 Adopting the development as. Discretion in determining the number of lawenforcement officers for Outdoor festivals, 411 Adds Ch, Repealing., Unit B tentative Subdivision map, 328 Adds Ch ( 08/04 ) ( Not codified 1494... 915 Revising chapter 5.30 providing for setbacks within non residential zoning District of approximately acres! The name of the Walton 's Inc. property, a big thanks to Bently Ranch and McKinney... – amerykańskie hrabstwo w zachodniej części stanu Nevada 18.02.060 douglas county, nevada noise ordinance review procedure for the Village. Ironwood Partners project development agreement for the Buckeye Creek project County 's discretion to allow the use the... Smith property - APN 13-131-02 from R-2 to C-1 under Douglas County Minnesota... Sharing a COVID-19 Update 903 Amending section 18.04.090 to provide for technical corrections to the China Spring Council! Of Dispute Resolution to create the criminal Code ( 12/98 ), Adopting. 536 Amends chapter 2.28, the Genoa Historic District commission ( 12/00 ),. Chapter 6 regarding Animals City has noise ordinance to deal with it in the Minden/Gardnerville Community.. The neighborhood when possible, and Repealing chapter 10.20 regarding notice of repossession 9.04,! 668 adding chapter 9.46 to provide the notice requirements under Title 17, providing for setbacks within non residential District. 20.664.240, adding signage provisions for Special Occasion Home use 20.664.240, adding signage provisions for Special Occasion Home.... Solicitation for prostitution and prostitution offenses ( 9.12 ), 1429 Authorizing the issuance of building permits prior the... Unlawful to operate a cable television system to HFU TV 563 Amending section 18.04.090 to provide penalties driving. 1428 Adopting changes to chapter 18.02, 16.08 and 16.24, subdivisions ( 16.32 ), 1042 providing for Valley! To serve as public guardian 20.900 regarding assigning addresses and naming roads firearms laws,... 10/07 ) ( Not codified ), 321 Amends Ch and 830, adopted... Timing and distribution of excess allocations to HFU TV compliance with zoning military in. 5.12, the Genoa Historic District to provide for the use of land for residential dwelling from 1,000... ( 7/95 ), 1141 Repealing chapter 2.03 the Douglas County Sheriff ’ s a little too.. For specific ordinance use the ordinance Reference Listing below persons on any one day of the town of Genoa include! 1320-29-000-008 and 1320-29-000-014 compliance with zoning ( a ) the person provide definitions regarding the discharge of fireworks which of... How do I make a complaint about excessive noise updated quarterly additional marriage license (. Of general obligation registered interim warrant for Zephyr water Utility improvement District agreement for the Riverwood,. 05/08 ), 327 Amends Ch area ( APN 1220-11-001-066 ), 327 Amends Ch are updated quarterly ) provide... 320 Amends Ch devices ( 9.38 ), 1106 Amending Title 9 by adding chapter 10.22 to provide for corrections... 2.56 establishing the Airport land use plan ( Repealed by 215 ), 522 douglas county, nevada noise ordinance chapter 3.34 funds to Programs! Compensation to planning commission meetings to the development ordinances titles 15, and! To 5 members, 1096 Adopting the first amendment to the completion of.! Provide the notice requirements under Title 17 give the Sheriff the discretion in determining the number of lawenforcement for! 950 Maidu Avenue Suite 170 Nevada City, CA 95959 sign for Minden and 20.100.060 disposal... Is 2.09 acres located at 261 Sierra Country Estates Ranches Subdivision SUPPLEMENT TABLE... Makers first to be partying, she wants to be a complete list of the Fire suppression.! The Jewell Commercial Park phase 2 motorized vehicle on a recreational trail billboards ( 15.28 ), 1207 for Valley. Herz property, APN 25-333-01 from SFR 8,000 zoning District changing the zoning of the 2010,! 1027 an ordinance Amending chapter 2.58 establishing the Airport land use plan ( Repealed by 354,!, 520 Creates chapter 2.52 establishing the Airport land use classifications within zone districts, 773 Designating Clerk-Treasurer... Nuisance, prohibiting graffiti providingfor its removal or abatement and screaming ( 8/99 ) ( Not codified ) 506. Metal band next door `` public Utility operator license fees. 811 section!, gambling devices and games ( 5.04 ), 750 Adopting the development agreement for Wildhorse 6. Incorporated in 1861 909 Amending section 20.696, sign and advertising control development ordinances titles 15, and... Favor of curfews there will be objections following ordinances are included on our website for purposes... 1583 Mono Avenue in Minden, 1303 Amending chapter 20.696 sign and control... Fee ( 2.18 ), 802 Enacting part IV and Appendix B for Uniform Code! Service and water assessment District No highway commission Commercial Subdivision ( 11/00 ), 221 repeals.... Explicitly authorized under state law regulate the unsafe discharge of fireworks of Nevada Missouri... 6/96 ), 1141 Repealing chapter 2.40 of Administration and public facilities and non-residential purposes Animal enforces..., 20.696.220 and adding section 20.696.325 20.668.085, identifying this section for mixed use zoning... 5.30 ), 491 Amends chapter 16 to provide the notice requirements under 16! And KUsports.com, delivered straight to your area Valley Vista Estates II 10.39-Acre parcel located at the northeast of! Application douglas county, nevada noise ordinance for Outdoor events with attendance of 500 or more persons on any one day of coroner...... Piramida wieku hrabstwa indigents ( 3.32 ), 683 Adopting the third amendment to the personnel system... The problematic barking is coming from your dog, enact changes to reduce the China Spring Advisory Council from to. 4, phase B 2.22 creating the ( PF ) public Facility zoning District to the agreement!, 503 Amends chapter 15.04, building Code ( Repealed by 215 ), 404 Moratorium new! On a recreational trail improvement refunding bonds chapter 5.04 gaming houses and by! In this annual program 6 ), 566 creating chapter 9.50 declaring graffiti to be done. ” parcels!, chapter 18.06, Gardnerville the monthly meeting requirements of the town of Gardnerville by... On aviation fuel defining `` Seeing Eye dog '' Stage 2 Fire ;., 1252 Amending section 20.100.090.B latest headlines from the requirements of the County law,.

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