Ohio Mugshots » Clermont County, OH; 278 Clermont County, OH Arrest Records Have Been Located. Clermont County, Ohio, warrant search activities are not difficult to complete. 1.Accurate Information Fast & Easy. Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center, State Prison. James Rick … Clermont County Jail is located in state of Ohio in USA. City of Clermont City Hall 685 W. Montrose St. Clermont, FL 34711 352-394-4081. Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center – also known as Batavia Prison – opened in its current location in Batavia, Ohio. Lake County is home to the Clermont Jail. Find Anyone's County Jail Inmate Records. Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center, Ohio Inmate Roster. Clermont, Florida Jail and Mugshot Information. Maximum-Security. Mugshots and/or arrest records published on this website are in no way an indication of guilt and do not represent any evidence an actual crime has been committed. Clermont County Jail is located in Clermont County, OH and is the correctional facility for that area. Clermont County Jail offender search: Race, Warrant Comment, Arrests, Bookings, Address Given, Facility, Defendant Record, Description, Who's in jail, Document Type, Jail Roster, Warrant #, Release Date, Bond, Mugshots, Statute, Booking Date, Incarceration Date, Status. Detectives will continue to review reports from surrounding townships and jurisdictions to see if there are additional cases in which Smith may have been involved. Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center is a Ohio state prison in Batavia. Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center offender search: Grade, Information Recorded, Height, Warrant, Who's in jail, Jail Roster, Release Date, Booking Date, Custody, Bond, Mugshots, Bookings, Arrests, Race. It is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area. Industry Leading Service. Inmates may also take courses online to learn skills and gain intelligence. Pamela Jean Roehm. Clermont County Jail (Inmate Name here) 4700 East Filager Road. The Clermont Jail is a municipal facility that houses both state and federal prisoners. Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center is a facility based in Clermont County, Ohio. The Clermont County Jail provides each inmate with his or her own account where money can be deposited so they can purchase phone cards, snacks, and magazines. State. Clermont, Florida, is located near Orlando, in Lake County, and has a population of 30,033 people. LAKE County has 210 jails with an average daily population of 1,092 inmates with a total of 328 jail population. The […] Smith remains in the Clermont County Jail on a $25,000 cash bond. There are three different levels of security. Clermont County Jail offender locator: Booking Date, Bond, Sex, Case Description, Arrests, Inmate List, Who's in jail, Mugshots, Release Date, Warrant #, Charges, Address, Bookings. Also, you will need to write a return address on the letter. Smith will appear in Clermont County Municipal Court at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday October 25, 2018 for his arraignment. The Clermont County jail employs approximately 100 trained civilian and security personnel. Clermont has a council-manager style of government, and the mayor of the city is Gail L. Ash. Community Correctional Center - Butler, Clermont & Warrren Counties inmate search: Address Given, Release Date, Warrants, Alias, Case Description, Address, Bookings, Booking Date, Projected Release Date, Description, Arrests, Who's in jail, Bond, Alias, INS, Jail Roster, Criminal Records, Mugshots, Charges. This site tells you information about anything one might want to know about Clermont County Jail,like the following: Find an inmate at Clermont County Jail. The facility has a daily inmate population of around 300 inmates. Destanie Paige Long; James Michael Martinez; Summer Angel Barnett; Duke Randolph Duncan; Thomas Anthony Harper; Serena Willis; Edemonds Lamont Meredith; Scott Jeffery Bryant; Lindsay M Riley; Edemonds Lamont Meredith; … Clermont County Jail, Batavia, Clermont County, Ohio has list of inmates with their latest mugshot on their website which can be referred by another facility or by their family members. Each facility offers a variety of opportunities, programs, education, jobs and treatment for inmates. Most inmates are encouraged to take a GED test if they haven’t graduated high school. Ohio Mugshots: Search … Clermont had a population of approximately 30,033 in the year 2016. Clermont County Jail Mugshots: Amelia, Batavia, Bethel, Chilo, Felicity, Moscow, Neville, New Richmond ... Goshen, Jackson, Miami, Monroe, Ohio, Pierce, Stonelick, Tate, Union, Washington, Wayne, Williamsburg. When breaking down the LAKE County jail population by gender, females are a minority compared to male prisoners and make 26% with 84 … if you Don’t know Inmates Name, You can still see all inmates in Clermont County Jail one by one with their picture. The jail processes about 7,000 inmates a year, and has an average daily population of about 300 inmates. First Name. The jail's address and phone number. Clermont County Jail is a medium security detention center that is located in Batavia, WI. 2.Best Choice Jail Inmate search! See Results Search. Inmates in a state prison are usually serving terms longer than one year. Jeffrey Thomas Gatch. These male inmates come from all sorts of security levels. The three […] %The Clermont County Jail is located in Batavia, Ohioand is the main jail there. As long as you know, the main types of information you should be looking for, finding the official arrest warrants and criminal records within this county should quickly fall into place. Closed Custody. John Wayne Blair. The Community Correctional Center – Butler, Clermont & Warrren Counties can house over 5,000 inmates at any given time. Takes Only Seconds! City. Clermont County Jail and others often use a private company to process all online deposits to an inmate's account. Lisa Maria Hileman. Knowing that a friend or loved one has been sent to prison can be a very trying time for everyone. Educational opportunities and substance abuse treatment are two main focuses among other opportunities. The Clermont County Jail is in the capital of Batavia, Ohio. Updated on: October 17, 2020. Are you looking for someone incarcerated at Clermont County Jail? 513-732-7154 2339 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia, OH, 45103 Quick Links. Find Arrest & Court records, Mugshots and Contact Info. For more information contact The Clermont County Jail only houses adult male and adult female inmates. Then in 1888, a French police officer Alphonse Bertillon standardized the process and made it the norm. Medium-Security. Clermont County Jail inmate search: Booking Date, Custody, Projected Release Date, Arrest Records, Arrest Date, Release Date, Criminal Records, Booking Time, Court, Authority, Code, Filing Date, Case Number, Who's in jail, Bookings, Jail Roster, Last Name, DOB, Mugshots, Arrests, Bond. Clermont Jail offender locator: Release Date, Amount, Bookings, Complaint, Sex, Booking Date, Criminal Records, Mugshots, Who's in jail, Type, Degree, Current Location, Arrest Date, Current Location, Description, Facility, Race, Bond, INS, Case Description, Arrests, Inmate List. Clermont County Arrest Records are public records that contain an individual's criminal history record which are available in Clermont County, Ohio. 513-732-7540. Clermont County, OH; Batavia, OH; Search Public Records Powered by Personal Info Check. Minimum-Security. The Clermont County Jail has some extraordinary history behind it. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 11.5 square miles. The Clermont County Jail serves Clermont County, Ohio. First Name . Michael Maurice White. This prison is home to adult males who may have substance abuse issues or mentally disabled. The Clermont County District Court is right next to the %name. Groups of these mugshots are kept in a “mug book” to help witnesses and victims identify criminals. The Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center is in Batavia, Ohio. 2339 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia, OH, 45103 513-732-7154 Facilities often use these mugshots to identify criminals on the run. 4470 State Route 222, Batavia, OH, 45103-9777. website. Benjamin Douglas Longhauser. Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center inmate lookup: Status, Booking Number, Bookings, Who's in jail, Release Date, Mugshots, Bond, Aliases, Charge Information, Booking Date, Received Date, Inmate Roster, Arrests. State. Jail Inmate Roster of Clermont County Sheriff's Department See Your Own Records - Search Any Person By Name - Search Mugshots In Another State or County. The Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center contains four cell blocks. This investigation is ongoing at this time. The Clermont County Jail will process nearly 7,000 inmates every year. Clermont county mugshots are the photographs taken of suspects upon arrest. Juvenile. The Community Correctional Center – Butler, Clermont & Warrren Counties is a medium-security state prison situated in Lebanon, Ohio. In Clermont, Florida is the place you will have the option to locate this medium-security city jail. The company charges you a small fee for doing so, but the fee probably isn't as much as gas and parking would cost to take it to the jail in person. Clermont County Jail inmate locator: Defendant Record, Description of Charges, Who's in jail, Release Date, Liens and Judgments, Case #, Incarceration Date, Court Record, Warrant Comment, Court, Mugshots, Bookings, Offense Date, Alias, Booking Date, Bond, Charges, Code, Projected Release Date, Arrests, Personal Description, Inmate List. Last Name . Last name. Inmate search Sending mail Sending money Phone calls Visiting rules Directions. Last Name. Clermont City Website. Clermont Jail offender locator: DOB, Bail Amount, Commitment Date, Charge, Booking Number, Arrests, Inmate List, Arrest Date, Release Date, Who's in jail, Mugshots, Bond, Booking Date, Bookings. The City Manager is Darren Gray. Clermont, Florida – Jail and Mugshot Information. Showing Arrest Records 1 - 30 of 278. First name . Lake County, OH Jail and Inmate Records. The Clermont County Jail has a minimum-security section, medium-security section, and a maximum security section. SEARCH. The levels of security vary on your crime and behavior over time. Find inmate mugshots. The Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center has a strong presence when it comes to making sure offenders are ready for their released date by using some of their best reentry programs that they have to offer. 278 Clermont County, OH Arrest Records. Steven Blaine Lindsley. Clermont was established in 1916. Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports. Batavia, Oh 45103. For Clermont County Jail Inmate Search, You First need Inmate’s First and Second Name. Necessary services are provided by certified or, in applicable cases, licensed professional personnel. Mugshots in Batavia, OH. Eric James Ross. Clermont County Jail inmate locator: Booking Date, Warrant No, Who's in jail, Booking #, Probate Documents, Disposition, Bond, Charges, Type, Filing Date, Arrests, Information Recorded, Inmate List, Alias, Commitment Date, Fine/Crt Costs, Release Date, Bond Amount, Loc, Charge Information, Bookings, Detainer Information, Bond Amount, Charges, Mugshots. The Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center was finally open to house inmates in 1992. Search. Clermont is a city in Lake County, Florida. The Community Correctional Center – Butler, Clermont & Warrren Counties opened its doors back in 1993. About Clermont County Jail. Kevin Joseph Wehrle. State. Clermont County mugshots have been used since the 1800s, shortly after the invention of photography. 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