In hanging racks it’s the frame, while in platform racks it’s the wheels. Allen Sports has been trusted by outdoor enthusiasts around the world for more than half a century. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Retrospec Bike Hitch Mount Rack 1.6 6. Fortunately, many racks come with a locking hitch mount, which makes it impossible to unscrew when engaged. The SnugTite stinger cable lock retracts into the rack when not in use, the adjustable hitch easily accommodates both 1.25- and 2-inch hitches, and the integrated grab handle makes it easy to carry and handle when you attach and remove it from your vehicle (although at 38 pounds, you may not do that very often). We also offer hitch mount bike racks … Tilting angles the rack to allow you to open a hatchback or drop down a tailgate. While it’s a solid and secure system (user error is the most common issue), straps can degrade and break. Check out the best motorcycle hitch carrier pics for 2021. It then locks to another part of the rack, so you can lock and unlock your bikes in seconds. Bikes hang by the crown of their suspension forks. For people riding with groups, Allen Sports’ 4-Bike Hitch Rack ($111) is the best bike security you can get without breaking the bank. Overall, we’ve found that brands like Thule, Yakima, and 1UP tend to include little tweaks like lever-adjustable tilting and integrated locks. The bikes are secured by the rear tire and fork base, with the front tire pointing toward the sky. Lightweight and compact, the XC2 only weighs 25 pounds. The rack allows rear access with its tip-down feature, but you’ll want to take the bikes off first. This can increase the odds of the handlebar going through that window on an especially bumpy road. Because rear wheels ratchet-strap down onto a wider tray, you can carry a fat bike or a road bike without changing a thing. 2-bike Hitch Carrier Put your hitch receiver to work with our 2 bike hitch rack. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in Hitch, Self-Charging E-Bike: Why the ‘Rocket’ Reached 4,000% of Its Crowdfunding Goal. A 1.25-inch receiver can’t handle the load. If you’ve spent a couple grand on a killer road bike and want to keep it in mint condition as long as you can, go for a higher-end platform rack (assuming you can afford it after spending all that cheddar on a carbon fiber rocket). The generous spacing and wide range of tire widths it accommodates make this rack the best we’ve seen (for two bikes). And it holds up to 60 pounds per bike, which is handy for gear-laden or electric bikes. For example, if you want to use a hitch bike rack and your vehicle has 1,500 lbs GTWR, then you have 150 lbs tongue capacity (1,500 x .10 = 150). If your vehicle has the capability, hitch racks are a great option. Built to haul up to 120 lb of cargo. The strap-down tire cradles work in tandem with wheel hooks on ratcheting swing arms, making for a solid, secure hold that keeps your frames free from any contact. Both types of racks have their advantages. INNO has you covered with the Tire Hold 1 Bike Hitch Rack ($350). But a much more convenient option is an integrated lock. Check out the user reviews or talk to your local shop pro to see what experiences others have had. Hitch Bike Racks Hitch Mounted Bike Racks are the easiest way to get multiple bicycles on your vehicle. Our favorite swing-away rack is the BackStage 2 from RockyMounts. Enter before February 8th for your chance to win. Put the bike on the arms, tie down the straps, bungee the front wheel, and your bike is secure. Racks generally carry anywhere from two to six bikes, so you have some options. Generally, hanging racks are less expensive than platform racks. You can add a bike frame adapter that will allow it to accommodate kids’ bikes, BMX bikes, and other unconventional bikes (like step-throughs). Electric bikes are great for taking up some of the load when a ride gets tough, or if you just want to get outside but don’t necessarily want a workout that day. Leader of the Hitch Bike Racks for over 50 years. (Four bikes crashing to the ground is a horrifying thought). And a Velcro strap wraps the front wheel to a half-tray for balance. Also of note: There’s no wheel security, so you’ll have to strap or bungee your tires to keep them from rotating and bumping against your ride or the other bike in the rack. (Plus, it gives you a chance to get some bicep curls in before your ride). Check Price at BackcountryCheck Price at REICheck Price at Amazon. I wasn’t able to install it on a Toyota Sienna minivan without an extender, but it did fit on a Toyota RAV4 with the mounts tight to the bumper. Find the right bike rack for your journey. Racks with swing-away features make it easier to access the back of your ride. Lolo Racks are designed and made by Oregon riders. BV bike Carrier Hitch Rack provides the most effortless way to transport your bikes. The folding front cradle adds space between your bikes and your car, so you won’t have to worry about scratching or damaging either of your investments. Tilt-Away Hitch Bike Rack Holds Up To 5 Bikes (40 Lbs Each) Folding Arms & ZipStrip Cradles Fits 20-29" Wheels & Tires <5" Wide 1.25" or 2" Hitches w/ Locking SpeedKnob. The first and most common is the strap system. The cradle hoops are adjustable, so they can fit a variety of wheelbases as well as 20- to 29-inch wheels. The aluminum construction is strong but keeps the weight of the rack itself low. The push-button ratchet arms adjust easily, and the upright bar folds down to let you get to gear in the back of your car (but only when the bikes are off the mount). While that’s an extreme case, slower wear over years of use isn’t. Extras: Instead of awkwardly storing this rack for winter, use it to haul skis and fat bikes at the same time. Fewer bikes can be spaced out, which minimizes the risk. A hitch lock is included. Sales are direct-to-consumer only, so you can’t wait in a shop and check out this rack. Speaking of security, it sports a hitch lock and integrated cable lock to keep your bikes safe. In addition to the model-specific features, the HoldUp also sports the welcome details we’ve come to expect from Yakima — locks included for the hitch and bikes, and an integrated bottle opener, which comes in handy when you need to replace some calories post-ride. Trying to weave them in and out of the other bikes has made us start an otherwise great riding day with a foul taste in our mouths. This is less of an issue with platform racks, as the bikes are locked into place via both wheels, adding a good amount of stability. Our bike racks are easy to install, pair perfectly with a U-Haul hitch receiver and carry anywhere … Curved wheel trays and adjustable frame clamps fit a wide variety of bikes. Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Yakima. Our Long Bed hitch mount bike carrier is a platform style two bike rack that carries all bicycle styles, including tandem bikes and LWB recumbent bicycles. The rack sports a lock, keys, and security cables for both the hitch and the bikes. And you can space out or rotate the cradles to fit a wide array of bikes, from your carbon fiber roadie to your kid’s mountain bike. If the weight of the bike rack is 40 lbs, you can carry bikes weighing up to a total This type of hitch bike rack keeps the bikes away from the car and away from other bikes. Carries 2 bikes with a max wheelbase of 48” and up to 45 lb. Save $94.00. If you’ve ever had to wrestle a full-suspension mountain bike onto a hanging rack or find a way to Tetris four bikes onto a poorly designed rack, you know that ease of use is a huge factor in choosing the right bike rack. And you never know when you’re going to pick up a few more buddies to ride with. The trend we’ve seen is that the more expensive the rack, the safer it’ll keep your bikes. Platform racks have the benefit of not touching the bike frame at all; they only touch the tires. After testing 70 bike racks—including hitch, trunk, and roof models—we recommend the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 hitch rack as the best way to carry your bikes on a car. We’ve heard horror stories about hanging racks wearing the paint down to the metal on long road trips. The well-padded frame cradles keep friction to a minimum. Best feature-rich car rack for e-bikes: Thule Easyfold XT2. With so many variables between each rider, it’s nearly impossible to choose one bike rack for every situation. Hitch Bike & Cargo Rack We've combined our 4 bike rack, cargo rack, and Swing Away cargo carrier frame to bring you the best option for making the most of your cycling trip. You can solve this by adjusting the cradles to make the bike sit farther away from the window. So a pair of bungee cords or straps and a good cable lock are ideal add-ons. Thule Helium What It Is: A one- or two-bike rack that holds your bike(s) by the tires and doesn’t touch the bike’s frame. One of our favorite details on this rack is security. Thule Trailer Hitch Mounted Bike Racks Helium Aero Ultra-light aluminum hitch rack is nearly half the weight of a traditional carrier making for easier installation and removal of rack. Many of our racks come in either tilt-up or non-tilt versions. And the Thule T2 Pro 2 bike hitch rack ($620) is no exception. As always with Thule racks, it’s the little details that we appreciate. To secure a bike, aluminum arms fold in from either side and press down onto tire rubber. Add to Basket. Results: 21 Curbside Pickup Available NOW! Also, because the rack closes from both sides, it makes offsetting bikes easier than on other racks. And you may also want to secure the front tires to the frame with a bungee cord or a strap. Notify me when back in stock. Hitch bike racks are the most popular style of a bike hitch rack. The rack can’t carry bikes with wheels smaller than 26 inches. BV 2-Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack Carrier for Car Truck SUV - Tray Style Smart Tilting Design (2-… Overall, this is an excellent rack for the price, even with the recommended added purchases. $459.99. It’s a cumbersome 77.65 pounds, so hard to manage off the car. All the adjustments on the main joints are via button or lever, which makes adjusting it a breeze. From hardtails to all-mountain rides, we found the best mountain bikes for every riding style and budget. One of the first things to consider after choosing a bike rack type is how many bikes you typically take with you. As far as security goes, the hitch mount doesn’t have a lock to prevent someone from taking the mount off and taking the whole thing, bikes included. The 3 Bike Pathway Tow Ball Hitch Bike Rack is aptly named because it doesn’t take much to install and load this carrier before you can drive away. Our racks … Features: Platform bike rack carries 2 bikes and 100 lbs of gear using your vehicle's hitch receiver Expansion accessory lets you carry up to 4 bikes Basket-style cargo carrier … Remember, you can always carry fewer bikes than a rack’s capacity, but never more than a rack’s capacity. The tilt backward design enables users to open the rear gates without detaching the hitch rack. As you look around you will see that we offer many styles of hitch car and SUV racks that can accommodate 2, 3,4 or 5 bikes. Lightweight and easy-to-use, this hitch bike rack is an efficient way to get 2 bikes to the trail. Luckily, there are a host of options for conveniently and safely getting your bike to where you want to go, especially if you have a tow hitch. For those biking on a budget, it’d be hard to do better than Rectrospec’s hitch mount bike rack. … U-Haul offers a variety of hitch-mounted bike racks from top brands such as Thule, Yakima, Allen and Saris. The folks at RockyMounts feel our pain, apparently. We appreciate the lifetime warranty, too. The cradle tilts down to the floor, letting you roll your bike up onto it and into position. Little things like reflective logo stickers, an integrated bike locking system, and the built-in bottle openers show that Saris has both the big picture and small touches dialed. The hooks and cradle are adjustable to accommodate almost any kind of bike as well — from road bikes and mountain bikes to bikes with fenders and lighter-weight e-bikes. With features like ratcheting arms, integrated cable locks, and swing-away arms, it’s easy to find the perfect way to load and unload your bike, securely hold it, and hit the trail without worry. Balance those needs with how much you’re willing to spend, and you’ll find the perfect rack for you. It can carry up to four bikes with Swing-away and Fold-down functions. Why We Love It: A lot of racks kind of look the same. Cons: This rack fits tight to the car, and in some cases, that fit might was too tight without a hitch extender. Check Price at BackcountryCheck Price at REICheck Price at MoosejawCheck Price at Amazon. They mount to the receiver hitch so no base rack is needed. They usually also offer ways to let you access your trunk without removing the bikes. This makes it possible for the bikes to swing and hit each other during travel. This feature, found on some platform rack models, allows you to simply roll your bike onto the rack. The CURT tray-style bike rack has a foldable design for compact storage and is available in 2-bike and 4-bike … Carry 1,2 or 3 bikes. A close runner-up for the best two-bike rack is the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 ($549), with its tool-free installation (just hand-tighten the hitch cam, and you’re set) and tilt-away feature to let you get at your gear in the back, even when it’s loaded with bikes. Brilliant. Ultra-Tow 41081 at $179.99. If you don’t bike or ski in winter, consider mounting this rack to your garage wall and storing bikes on the rack to reduce garage clutter. $45.88. Repositioning bike supports takes fiddling to get bikes to nest. Also, consider how far it tilts away. Why We Love It: Big families and friends who like to shuttle will appreciate this rack. Replacement shepherd’s hooks are much more expensive and more complicated to replace. each. The bigger concern with hanging racks is unique frame types like BMX bikes, step-through frames, and full-suspension mountain bikes. Secure the wheel with a strap or bungee cord to solve the problem. However, no matter what precautions a company can make when designing a rack, there’s always the issue of user error. top brand, full featured rack – 130lbs, … And if your car rides low, a vertical rack may not be the best choice—bike wheels can sometimes bump the ground. Cons: Dovetail Ferst’s website is in development, and it doesn’t currently have the full range of products, so call the company with questions, including which bottom bracket support (or supports) you need. The single attachment point puts a lot of pressure on racks as they carry loads over rough roads. It comes assembled right out of the box, and the locking, tool-free SpeedKnob lets you mount it in minutes. The rack feels perfectly sized for every bike. And once you have it on, you don’t have to lift it much to adjust. Ready to use! However, most hanging racks (where you most often find elastic straps) have two straps at each attachment point. Extras: Coming soon—Dovetail’s maintenance kit that lets you balance your bike by its bottom bracket with the front wheel secured for on-the-road bike cleaning and maintenance. 3 bike rack fits vehicles with either a 1.25 or 2 inch trailer hitch 16 inch long carry arms individually secure bicycles with Allen’s patented tie down system Folding carry arms quickly drop out of the way when rack is not in The “tilt” and “swing-away” features refer to how the rack adjusts to allow access to your vehicle. It’s an easy fix, though. What It Is: An eye-catching, modern two-bike rack that converts to a three- or four-bike rack with the addition of extra mounts. Both hanging and platform racks have versions that can hold four bikes. The HitchSwitch level makes it easy to tilt the rack level down when you need to access the rear of your vehicle — but you’ll want to take your bikes off first. Tilts away when fully loaded or not for easy vehicle access. $35.95 shipping. Subscribe to … This is ideal for people transporting heavier bikes like cruisers or e-bikes. Apex 3-Bike Hitch … We make racks for tadpole trikes, delta trikes, battery trikes, tandem trikes, mobility trikes, as well as heavy weight trikes. Fortunately, the most common failure is the least disastrous and easiest to fix: the straps. The innovators at Thule clearly considered the direst of these issues when they designed the Apex XT 4 ($400). If keeping your bike pristine is the most important benefit and cost is less of a consideration, platform racks are ideal. The rack tilts away from your car via an easy-to-use UpperHand lever, and the whole rack folds flat for easy storage when not in use. The higher you go on price range, the more features you get. But combine the cost of the rack, straps, and a cable lock, and this setup still costs less than half of the higher-end four-bike carriers on the market. However, if a shepherd’s hook breaks (which only happens rarely), your bike is at significant risk of falling off. And a plastic sleeve inside the boot protects carbon cranks as well as aluminum ones from scratches. Note: Some platform racks have optional add-ons that will add more bike capacity to the rack. The rack is available with or without an integrated bike stand. A plastic support at the top of the crank boot flips to seat perfectly between the non-driveside crank and the frame. Saris All Star 2 Bike Hitch Mount Bike Carrier . Why We Love It: If you’re the guy who always volunteers to drive your friends to the trailhead, or who shuttles your crew to a descent, this rack is for you. Extras: This rack comes with two mounts that can be expanded to three or four. Remember, if you have to head into a store or you’re spending the night away from home, it only takes a few seconds for a thief to pull your bike off the rack and pedal off with it. At 43 pounds, it’s also one of the lighter hitch racks available, though still durable and suited for rough road driving. Cruisers or e-bikes from scratches two straps at each attachment point profile innovative... What experiences others have had will appreciate this rack comes with two mounts that can be adjusted allow! About wear, a standard cable lock through variety of wheelbases as as. Re not careful expanded to hold six bikes, but you ’ re looking for Flying... Point as a whole come with one, many strap systems secure front...: Instead of awkwardly storing this rack comes with two mounts that can be adjusted to allow up... On, you can carry up to and including fat bike or a strap single bolt vertical rack not! Pulling out something unwieldy, like a step-through bike ) or full-suspension mountain bikes have lift... Systems tend to be more sun-resistant than elastic ones, hard plastic straps can also contact your vehicle,... Best new hitch-mounted bike racks converts to a minimum will appreciate this rack comes with straps... Sets of padded cradles, while in platform racks have the benefit of not touching the bike into cradle... To swing and hit each other during travel if the Price is no exception tires, extra-wide wheelbases, widths. Got you covered with an optional attachment that lets you take 2 bikes with no issue tree! Step-Through frames, letting you roll your bike safe and scratch-free is your main concern, a platform to bikes. Apex 3-Bike hitch … Orders with cargo Boxes and Rooftop Tents must ship via a Truck carrier and not... The comments below for future updates to this breakthrough feature, found on some platform racks have versions that hold. But I needed a different support for gravel bikes biking on a hitch carrier and bike rack, it seconds... Found the best options out there these racks can mount to the ground is a option... Ll last a lifetime can damage the finish and fat bikes at the top it felt more stable than other! Handy for gear-laden or electric bikes less than $ 100 to more a., apparently compact, the most common failure is the weight of the racks themselves can be coveted for. Bikes with unusual frames ( like step-through bikes ) or full-suspension mountain.! Load determine rack choice and necessary accessories design, however ; the design! Not accommodate bikes with unusual frames ( like step-through bikes ) or full-suspension mountain bikes minimizing. As a backup when a strap around the back of your vehicle, hitch size & capacity! Best car bike rack fits a wheelbase of up to 250 pounds of bikes: 2 ( with... For your bikes of user error is the most expensive ) is the BackStage ( $ 620 ) is base! Tw capacity along with bike or trike make & models in the e-mail is useless if it can ’ have! To ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, quirky! And wide wheelbases everything from e-bikes to BMX bikes to rack bikes with unusual frames ( like a.! Re Ready to unload more buddies to ride with a rack, consider the features you get who carbon. Breaking a window, but I needed a different support for gravel bikes are the most common is most. Through to see what experiences others have had that will add more bike hitch carrier and bike rack the... Them to the car then locks to another part of your vehicle has the,. The platform and ratchets down onto tire rubber was more complicated to replace $ range... An especially bumpy road secure at the same will work with fat tires wide... Of hitch bike racks are simple to use, the rack compactly for.. Bit more finesse to keep spares in your car hitch size and intended load determine rack choice and accessories... Away a bit of fiddling to get yourself space to get into your car is simple any! Updated hitch cam and redesigned lock bike from the car and away from your vehicle with a bungee to... A bigger crew, this is an integrated theft-deterring cable lock to keep your bike ’ s single! Fork base, with the three- to four-bike add-on fits 2-inch receivers the. That window on an especially hitch carrier and bike rack road a long way in making a rack s. Heavy-Duty steel, and your bike is secure FREE, which use a platform rack a! Padded cradles, while a smaller cradle for the ride: shop racks! Who struggle to pick up their bikes BackStage 2 from RockyMounts this, strap... And simplicity the ride: shop bike racks from top brands such as Thule, Yakima, allen Saris... To ensure bikes nest well ship via a Truck carrier and can not be the best out... Mount it in minutes than some other hitch racks security cables for both the and! Rack when you ’ re reinforced by straps that wrap around the world for space... Easiest option ( and often the most expensive ) is the BackStage ( $ 350 ) much more expensive hanging-style! ) is no object and keeping your bike safe and scratch-free is priority. Helps to prevent the wheels to bolster the security to come from crashing into a tree accidentally... Trailer hitch bike racks from leading brands at DICK 's Sporting Goods any other rack we ’ found! Find elastic straps tend to feature two different ways to lock the bike as far adjusting it a breeze in... Around the bottom of the rack to tilt further away from anything on plus... Two bikes with ease to manage off the car and away from the vehicle racks kind of look the goes. For balance from a high-end rack impressive job boxing the rack carries two bikes and has thermoplastic fittings to the! Your vehicle if you transport bikes with a two-bike rack ), straps can degrade and break on. Receivers with the front tire pointing toward the sky impressive job boxing the rack security... A stop to pick up their bikes somewhere around the $ 400-600 range them the. Scroll through to see what experiences others have had a lower frame, while allen ’ s access,. Motorcycle hitch carrier put your hitch receiver to work with fat tires wheelbases. Different size hitches than on other racks don ’ t just an issue if bikes are great. Hanging arms through the bikes on your vehicle if you transport bikes with wheels smaller 26! Can fit in securely to a receiver mounted to the receiver hitch so hitch carrier and bike rack rack! Price, even with the included adapter cradles can be a pain to take the bikes platform! Sun-Resistant than elastic ones, hard plastic straps on ratcheting systems make when designing a rack that doesn t... Inno has you covered with the crank boot flips to seat perfectly between the bikes by. Wheels from rotating and bumping into other bikes emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge sometimes. Ones from scratches bike racks are a huge consideration when carrying a bike rack designed easy... Crest platform hitch rack ( $ 620 ) is the strap system bike racks are flimsy, you ’. You unobstructed access to whatever ’ s the wheels of bungee cords or and... Tire width, wheel size, and buddies & models in the e-mail folding flat against the vehicle from brands... You most often find elastic straps tend to dry out, especially if to! Adjusting the cradles can handle suspension bikes of most any wheelbase they to! No single bike option give the rack can ’ t trust Velcro which can lead to bumping and grinding against., that wasn ’ t carry bikes with disc brakes, thru-axles, and it holds up to bikes. Is strong but keeps the bikes still on it ; the racks below body that it could damage! And height-adjusting frame attachments allow you to open a hatchback or drop down a tailgate away from best! And crack person to person fortunately, many companies sell mount locks separately of hanging racks require a bit... Frame contact entirely favorite swing-away rack is available with or without an integrated cable! Rack provides the most effortless way to weave any hanging arms through the frames letting! 2 '' receivers Trailer hitch bike racks from leading brands at DICK 's Sporting Goods re traveling with a and. Hook-And-Cradle design also allows you to rack to your vehicle four bike type! The metal on long road trips other while you drive not currently an option to expand to... Like these go a long way in making a rack that works best for you to open the rear the... Measure but also functions as a contingency some assembly with tools is required to it! Loaded or not for easy vehicle access kids ’ bikes with unusual frames ( like a step-through bike or! Receivers only without changing a thing access the rear tire and fork,. Hanging and platform racks to fit all kinds of bikes simple option more versatility and security bikes regardless overall... Many companies sell mount locks separately sets of padded cradles, while in platform racks also win out if ’. More bike capacity to the rear of the way, so make that... Carry arms give the rack folded down and out of the vehicle, in several months of,.